Friday, September 12, 2014

A Beginning, of sorts.

Well, this is strange, to say the least.  What has led me to found my very own blog, you ask?  Me, a humble panda of equally humble thought?  Well, perhaps it would be, in part, peer pressure.  Joining the English Society showed me many of my peers that had blogs, and when I researched it I found out that it's not nearly as hard as you'd think. You just fill out some rather tedious paperwork, contact the right people, sacrifice three baby seals on a moonless night, and voilá!  You've got a blog.  

(I jest, of course.  The paperwork was quite lovely, nothing tedious about it.)  

So I suppose the question at the moment is, "That's all very well and good, Mr. Panda, but what exactly are you going to write about?"  And the answer?  I'm not entirely sure at the moment.  Now, as evidenced by the title of this blog, I imagine that I will write about things that I think about that come up in life.  Perhaps something about my life in particular, or something about life in general.  I like to think that (being nothing more than a simple panda) I will be able to rationally and amusingly muse on some of the most important questions in our lives, such as "Why, if Nutella is so good, are there are so few other things made out of hazelnuts?" or even "A narrative on the unappreciated dangers of the African hippopotamus."  

Stay tuned.  I plan to update at least once a week, perhaps more if my must is particularly noisome.  This is not the first beginning of a blog, nor will it be the last.  

But it is a beginning.  

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